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Enjoy your outdoor space with modern, fresh fixtures for entryways, patios, walkways, and landscaping. Find some of the newest outdoor lighting trends in the market along with a few tips from the experts below.

Blinding outdoor flood lights may once have been an acceptable form of decorative lighting, but times have changed and are no longer acceptable. Homeowners know that there are better options available, and they’re taking advantage of that fact to work wonders in their outside decorations. It is no longer too much to ask that your outdoor lighting options are efficient, effective, and attractive.

Before jumping in and spending money, make a plan and put thought into your outdoor lighting choices. Here are a few ideas and things to consider when lighting your outdoor space. 

  • Consider the differences that the time of day, and even the time of year, will have on the appearance of your lighting set-up. Snow will light differently than a grassy lawn, and you will want to be sure that the lights you use can hold up in the cold weather.
  • Don’t forget to take into consideration things like glare and light pollution. Is it going to be bothersome from a different angle? Will the lights be too big and/or bright for someone to look at? Is there a way to find a lower wattage or to shade the light in order to avoid becoming a pollutant? Look into timers and dimmers as possible options.
  • Are you lighting a deck or patio? A gazebo? A pool? A path or driveway? All of them should be approached differently.

Look at the kinds of lighting that can be used in outdoor decor. Consider the differences made by using uplighting versus down lighting. If there are items in your decor you hope to emphasis, try shadowing, silhouetting, or accenting. Want to bring out the texture in a collection of trees? Look into cross lighting.

Take into consideration the coloring and intensity of the lights you are looking at, as well as the amount of area you want lit. Are you looking for harsh, bright security lighting for your entire property, or are you looking to put soft lighting into the garden? Colored lights on your pool? Moonlighting for a pathway through the trees?

  • Try subtle lighting to brighten your area with siding lights painted to match your decor, step and pathway lighting, in-ground lighting, or hidden ‘twinkle’ lights.
  • If you are looking for a more fun look try hanging lights, anything from globe-shaped pendant lights to strings of lights stretching the length of your yard.
  • For a more classic design look, consider getting brass or copper lights that will coordinate with your garden accents and furniture.
  • Love fire, but not too tempted by the idea of a fireplace? Consider the idea of a few well-placed torches. 

Whether your aim is to increase safety and security or to add to the beauty of your landscaping, there are many options available to you.  Try sconces, pendants, and even outdoor chandeliers in your dining and gathering spaces; path lighting along walkways, and ambient tree lighting for some wonderful evening atmospheres.

And don’t forget the outdoor ceiling fan, keep your cool and style with high-quality designer ceiling fans made to last. 

These cool new bulbs from Satco are a must have! They are 12” to 17” and act as a pendant, perfect for your outdoor sitting space or in a cafe or restaurant.

Have a beautiful fixture that you would like to use outside? Check the fixture label to see if it is rated for damp or wet areas. See below for clarifications:

UL Damp Rating: fixture can be used outdoors as long as it does not have contact with moisture.
UL Wet Rating: fixture can be used anywhere outdoors or indoors.
UL Dry Rating: fixture may only be used in areas not directly exposed to excessive moisture and water.

For any questions regarding the safety, design or lighting features ask an ALA member for more information.

There’s no end to your options for outdoor lighting. Remember to have fun with it! This is your space, and it needs to work for you.

What are your experiences with lighting your outdoor space? What are some tips and suggestions for outdoor lighting that you have found helpful? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! | Phone: 780-645-2070 | Email: